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Welcome to NC Trophy Hunting!

NC Trophy Hunting is based in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia and operates in North Central Queensland and on Cape York. Cairns is also the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkelling, sightseeing, heritage-listed rainforest and beyond

Chital Deer

  • Chital Deer are hunted in North Central Queensland:
  • The temperature ranges from -5C in winter to 38C in summer
  • NC Trophy Hunting has exclusive rights to 3 properties with extensive numbers of deer and outstanding Trophy Stags, including the top three Trophy Stags in the South Pacific
  • Stags are hunted all year round, though bigger antlers are grown in Australia between the months of January and August due to abundant feed.
  • Trophies taken range from 28 inches to 34 inches in length
  • Boars and Dingos can also be hunted after trophy obtained
  • Accommodation: cabin & lodge with amenities

Moluccan Rusa Deer

  • Moluccan Rusa deer are hunted on an exclusive property in Cape York
  • Temperatures range from 15C in winter to 40C in summer
  • This property has a strong herd with record class trophies
  • Stags are best hunted in rut from June through to September
  • Boars and Dingos are also hunted after trophy is obtained
  • Accommodation: cabin with amenities
Boars, Bulls and Barra
  • $3000 includes pick up and return from Cairns, all food and accommodation for a 5 day hunt
  • Large amount of good quality Boars, the odd Dingo and good Barramundi fishing
  • Minimum 2 hunters
  • 7 hour drive from Cairns
  • $500 for Trophy Scrub Bull

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Chital Deer

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